"they can’t even determine who in their own training programs will lead a violent coup afterwards." But. Coups & destroying countries have been such favorite pastimes, hobbies of the CIA since 1948.
CSIS, Canada's version of the CIA, is one of Canada's secret police agencies,. US secret police agencies have been the masters of CSIS. Are US plans to…
Violence Escalates in France. Political Instability in France at Its' Highest Since 1939, Just Before The Vichy Government Took Over.
Well, that happened fast. Israeli efforts to do a "color revolution" in Iran failed & appears to've boomeranged back onto Israel. "Blowback"is a word…
"The multiplier effects are massive..."
Citing female-to-male attacker's 'manifesto,' police chief hints trans identify factored into motive for attacking her former school
Municipal Bond Defaults Up 122% Over Past Year...... As Credit Crunch Commences..... Getting Any Kind Of Credit Is Getting Harder & Harder In The USA.
Who's going to get left holding the bag on tens of trillions of dollars in bad debt as the world's largest ever ponzi scheme unravels. The US govt IS…
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